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ABOUT ME: I am a retired police officer turned holster maker. This came about after an extensive search for a holster for a newly acquired Seecamp pistol.  After checking numerous gun forums I found one name that kept popping up.  That was RJ Hedley of Hedley Holsters.

I ordered a couple of his holsters and asked if I could meet him. During that meeting, I became interested in learning his craft.  He spent considerable time showing me how he made his holsters.  What started out as a search for a holster has turned into a passion for leather work.  I owe a great debt to RJ for sharing so much with me. He was my mentor and friend.
At work on your new holster!

Below are some pictures of holsters that reflect what I have learned.




#1 Ruger LCP Front Pocket Holster with Crimson
Trace Full Stitching
#2 LCP Front Pocket Holster, with Basket weave and
Full Stitching

#3 Ruger LCP Front Pocket Holster Two
#4 LCP Rear Pocket holster, with Rough Out and
Full Stitching




#5 Seecamp Front Pocket holster with Rough Out
and Full Stitching

#6 Rohrbaugh Rear Pocket Holster

#7 Rohrbaugh Front Pocket Holster

#8 Micro Eagle Front Pocket Holster with Full Stitching


#9 Micro Desert Eagle Back Pocket Holster

#10 Kahr P380
Front Pocket Holster with Rough Out and Full Stiching

#11 Kahr P380
Rear Pocket Holster
Full Stitched

 #12 Taurus TCP
Front Pocket


#13 Single Mag Pouch

Making Holsters for the Following Guns:

  • Seecamp

  • Rohrbaugh

  • Ruger LCP   (with or without Crimson Trace)

  •  Kel-Tec P32 (with or without Crimson Trace)

  • Kel-Tec P3AT (with or without Crimson Trace).

  • Kahr P380 (with or without Crimson Trace)

  • Micro Desert Eagle

  • Taurus TCP (with or without Crimson Trace)

Price List

Standard Holster (Front or Rear)   with or without Crimson Trace 65.00  
Single Mag Pouch

Additional Charges
Full Stitching 20.00
Rough Out 15.00
Initials: ( non-refundable) 15.00
Shipping       (Priority Mail)   6.00

R. J. Hedley

To order:  phone or email with Product #,  firearm, with or without CT laser sight, and other information and we will respond ASAP.

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